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About Us

Nirmal's Active Yoga is the latest member of the well known fitness family, Golden Fist which runs a chain of Fitness Clubs in Dubai UAE and Kshaatra Yoga -which is the largest chain of mind, body and soul clubs in India and Dubai, with 20 years of vast experience in. This is our first step in to Canadian fitness arena.

This family fitness studio provides, classes on Yoga, Meditation, Yoga teachers training courses, cultural exchange programs etc.

Our workouts are based on a person to connect with their innerself. The sessions are designed to reveal the sources of creative inspiration hidden inside the human physic, and thus involve the manifold expression of our being. It lays the foundations for a higher level of self-development, self confidence and a deeper self-awareness.

Above all we focus on self-discipline, for very little can be achieved without it. Sometimes however, discipline thus acquired can become extremely unbending and one-sided, leading to fanaticism and preventing future progress. Hence the true way of obtaining the desired results lies in a self-discipline that is balanced.

Our children's fitness workouts include fitness and yoga, focus to create a healthy new generation. All the children need physical exercise and it is important that they exercise to promote the healthy development of their growing bodies and minds. The stretching and strengthening techniques used in our workouts are an ideal way for children to grow flexible and strong. It reaches them self-awareness and helps them to face the world with confidence.
"Nirmal is a registered SYT teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK." She has been teaching yoga for more than 18 years and is respected and loved for her powerful teaching, compelling students to integrate yoga into the realities of daily life. Nirmal is also a trained Montessori teacher with diploma in Social work and a martial artist holding black belt in Karate. She has worked for various fitness clubs and Schools in Dubai, UAE and recently moved to Canada.

Our director, Renshi Renjith, is a well known fitness guru and a motivational speaker in the Middle east since 1992. He has often been invited to several fitness seminars around the world. He has participated in many international fitness events and is described and Dubai's own fitness trainer in the media. He has been the Guest of Honor to several Karate Championships with high accolades. With the experience of 30 years in the fitness industry, he is supervising our fitness activities at Nirmal's Active Yoga and Wellness Studio.

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